MacBook Pro

A new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has been delivered.
The MacBook was not my main machine and wasn’t a problem during meetings, but when working the difference in performance with the main machine was really confusing and so looked forward to the new 13 inch MacBook Pro being not that different in size.
There’s a constant shift in environment that feels as if hardly used but even with previous generations this a well-balanced machine. First of all, size and integration are good that you’ll want to carry it around with you. And the touch bar is far better than I expected. At a system level it is more convenient than simply adding a new process, supporting lots of software, with select shortcuts displayed as UI including the use of Touch ID!
Various ports have been put together into Thunderbolt3 and with two new ports either side charging is now possible wherever the power supply is plugged in.
Incidentally, you can use your MacBook adaptor but it takes twice as long to charge with the 13-inch needing a 61w supply and the 15-inch needing an 87w supply. Similarly,​ ​Anker and other multi-port adaptors which I’ve written about before​ ​only give an insufficient 40w power supply, and can take forever to charge, if at all.
As for third-party multi port adaptors, your better waiting until you find something over 70w.

In Safari, tab thumbnails are displayed along the bar for you to browse and select.

Though only a few select third-party programs work with the touch bar, like ‘DJ Pro’ which is already supported, with a waveform display that can slide and search and a cross fader which can be swiped, incorporating the benefits of both Mac and iPad versions. It makes for something surprisingly good even without a dedicated controller.