Captain America: Civil War & Ottawa Comic-Con

Time flies! 6weeks have already passed since I came to Brockville, Ottawa for studying. It seems almost like yesterday. I am busy and having fun everyday. I like Language arts but Science and Math are seriously difficult. I have 3roommates, 2 from China and 1from Russia. I sleep on the upper bunk. We watch DVD in the common room every Friday night. We sometimes go to Wall Mart to buy some food or sushi bar to eat. Taste so so. We have a variety of activities on weekends. Comiccon Ottawa was one of them but it was a little disappointment. It wasn’t like ones in San Diego or NY I’ve heard from my father. I finally went to the movie theater to watch ” Captain America : Civil War ” last week. Awesome! Captain America and Iron man often disagree with each other but I thought it was a fresh idea to fight with someone in the same group:Avengers. My mother complained my drawing this time. I know, I know. I will do my best next time!

Rio Harada
Rio Harada »

12-year-old, Junior high school student who loves movies and dreams of one day being a film director