My New Specs from Gentle Monster

Recently I have added two new members to my eyewear collection – the GENTLE MONSTERS’s Proud-02G and a Dearclassic-03.

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The South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster has always fascinated me with their philosophy to shape brand experience into an innovative high-end experimentation. From products, space, styling, culture redesign to technology, their perfection to make each focus their own sensual experience has differentiated their image with other brands. The flagship store’s detailed display and interior design are a perfect demonstration of its contemporary and daring attitude.

Their non-product focusing styling allows them to go beyond the possibilities of creative combination, feeding each sense a distinct Gentle Monster aesthetic. The experimental spirit is vivid in each corner of the store, where decoration tells a unique story and the brand concept merged with art installation emphasizes the avant-design products. For example, the pop-up space here in Hong Kong, where the store is designed as a train platform to represent the city as the heart of Asia, where diverse cultures collide each day. And like every piece of eyewear, the clash of different colors and shape construct an individual story.



I’ve picked out these two models, Proud-2G and Dearclassic-03, for the brand’s signature play with designs using chrome, titanium and other metals, and its dedicated attention to detail. Both of them are amazingly light on hand, and minimal with the sleek rim and colours that don’t detract from the overall design.



With Gentle Monster endlessly changing, I am certain each store visit will make my eyewear browsing an adventure.