Penfield's reborn bag collection, updated to be both contemporary and functional.

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Penfield was founded in Hudson USA in 1975. Quick to adopt the Polartec fleece developed by Malden Mills, it has continued to approach developing products with with an enterprising spirit. This year Penfield celebrates 42 years since being founded by rebranding the company for the next chapter. While valuing the legacy as a historical brand, items have been developed with updated designs and features. The first step in this is a bag collection, launched this season. Let’s got through these charming bags, that blend style with a high level of utility that modern urban consumers want, while keeping a taste of the past.
Photo, Kengo Shimizu | Edit & Text, Issey Enomoto


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ALPINE ZACK, ¥29,000 (plus tax)

Penfield’s best work born again.

Large capacity backpack with updated materials and functions to suit contemporary life, while based on a classic style reminiscent of the ‘70s back pack. The outer skin features a highly functional ‘Beattex‘ nylon with excellent strength, adopting a breathable and waterproof 3-layer ‘Sabre’ material to the inner skin. On the detail side, different ideas have also been applied to enhance practicality, including water resistant zippers and a pocket for a 15-inch laptop.
​ ​With a capacity of roughly 28 litres, the size is H52×W32×D18cm. There are three colors in total: Old Gold and Black, in addition to the Grey/Beige mix in the picture.


_SZ_ 6969BOX ZACK, ¥26,000 (plus tax)

Updated with modern lightweight material.

An impressive backpack with a box-like design. While extremely thin and lightweight, it also comes equipped with the excellent water durability and anti-fouling ability of Codura rip-stop nylon. The unique stiff texture gives it a modern feeling. As well as being equipped with a 15-inch laptop pocket, the zipper that opens all the way to the bottom, making it easier to pull things out.
​ ​With a capacity of roughly 22 litres, the size is H46×W30×D16cm. There are three colors in total: Silver Grey and Khaki, in addition to the Navy in the picture.


_SZ_70002WAY HIPSACK, ¥18,000 (plus tax)

The 2-Way spec also comes with a waist bag.

The 2-Way type is a backpack big enough for everyday use, and also useable as a waist back when storing things. The backpack part adopts Codura rip-stop nylon, and the waist bag adopts Beattex nylon. You will want to enjoy the strange combination of materials with different textures.
​ ​With a capacity of roughly 21 litres, the size is H51.5×W32×D13cm (waist bag: H16.5×W32×D13cm). There are three colors in total: Grey/Turquoise, in addition to the Grey/Beige (upper) and Black/Black (lower) in the picture.


_SZ_ 6976SIDE PACK ZACK, ¥23,000 (plus tax)

Universal back pack.

Adopting the longer-lasting high-performance Codura-1000 nylon, it is equipped on the rear side with a 13-inch laptop pocket and a zipper to gain access to the main compartment without opening the top. Pockets are removable on both sides with Velcro.
​ ​With a capacity of roughly 20 litres, the size is H45×W30×D17cm. There are three colors in total: Beige and Black, in addition to the Green in the picture.


_SZ_ 70033WAY BAG, ¥18,000 (plus tax)

Tailored for every scene.

High-performance Codura-1000 nylon is used, suitable for a modern style while taking the classic look of the ‘70s travel bag as a motif. You can use in three different ways: hand-held, over the shoulder, or on the back, with a handle on top, a detachable shoulder belt on both sides, and shoulder straps behind. it is equipped with a side pocket to take a 13-inch laptop.
​ ​With a capacity of roughly 17 litres, the size is H41×W30×D14cm. There are two colors in total: Beige as well as Navy shown in the picture.


_SZ_7011SACOSH, ¥6,000 (plus tax)

Handy for stowing away small items.
The small ‘Sacosh’ shoulder bag is a recent trend. As well as having a dedicated pocket that fits a smartphone perfectly, pockets are divided in two by zippers with a built-in key hook. The shoulder strap is removable, and the material is lightweight and durable nylon rip-stop.
​ ​The size is H17×W26cm. There are four colours in total: Black as well as Khaki, Beige, and Green shown in the picture.