Hypochlorous acid

Time to put on the humidifier to counter influenza and pull out the antibacterial deodorant spray.
Even though it was a recommendation by a relative working in medicine,this​ ​​ ​is way more affordable using the same ingredients. I try it first of all, but from reading reviews. the quality seems unreliable.
Diluted 10 times or more it can then be placed in a humidifier, but at this concentration when you leave and return, it has a slight disinfectant smell.
It can then be a diluted several times in a spray bottle and keep in the bag. I wonder if it has an effect if sprayed on the outside of face masks, apart from a suspicious smell on the train? It could be used differently when I’m on the road. Maybe even use as a gargle mouth wash.
So far it doesn’t seem that noticeable, although that is bound to change in the future.