TINY PANX talks about the book "TINY PANX +1 TOKYO CHRONICLE 1977-1990" released


TINY PANX was active in the early days of Japanese hip-hop. Their book “TINY PANX +1 TOKYO CHRONICLE 1977-1990," in which they look back over that period, will begin crowdfunding on February 7.

This book project was started by Hiroshi Fujiwara and Kan Takagi of TINY PANX, along with editor Detz Matsuda who spent the 1980s together with them. These three reflect on topics spanning from the birth of punk to how they met, the formation of TINY PANX, and the Tokyo club scene in the 1980s.

These crowdfunded books will have a special binding and will include tracks from TINY PANX’s "LAST ORGY" serialization in the Takarajima magazine. The books will also include photos of London streets and clubs taken in the early 80s by Hiroshi Fujiwara himself.

Rewards will include the book, as well as special TINY PANX stickers, a limited edition 7-inch vinyl record (first take recordings from "LAST ORGY"), and special Fragment Design T-shirts and hoodies based on the amount pledged. Funding will run until April 8.

This 160-page book is a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about the two men who laid the foundation for the Harajuku boom in Tokyo in the 1990s, and the reflections of Detz, who has always watched them from the sidelines.

Special crowdfunding page (Available from February 7)
Period: February 7 - April 8, 2022