With the release of "TUNE DELIVERY ~ MUSIC course FASHION ~", the booklet, which is a FASHION-side, contains styling and fashion photos taken in accordance with the image of the song.


We released off shots of styling photos taken by SUCC members and other photographers.



In addition, Hiroshi Fujiwara's song "harmony (short edit)" recorded this time is a short version of the song produced by Tomoko Kawauchi, produced during the fall / winter 2019 for NOMA td.

The harmony (short edit) page of the booklet contains styling photos designed by stylist Masumi Sakamoto and photographer Kisshomaru Shimamura during the collection. Look forward to that too!



JP Post@amgtmwtjgAt the time of shooting "Desire".

styling by@ 08trees, photo by@jasihoquai, model@makituku_ikakodomo

Photographed by two SUCC members. phinge, tyich@tyich_, Block Fog@kentaro_takayaThe styling and photography of the songs are also performed by the same members.




COILZ@wepp_nakanishiWhen shooting "Count Tu" and "TIB".

styling, photo by@69_39, model@optic_fp





HINOTO@hinototonihAt the time of shooting "Blue Blue".

styling by@69_39, photo by@ photo.unit.en

Fashion photo shooting was performed by the Kansai photo unit "EN". He usually shoots artist photos and live photos, and seems to be accepting requests for photography.




GREAT YOUTH@greatyouth_officialAt the time of shooting “Lay Down (feat. KOHD)”.

styling by@69_39 , @kotaroymt, photo by@kotaroymt, model@yamamo_yamayama





FFK@ffkjapan_officialAt the time of shooting "Lassitude for future".

styling, photo by@iiitttooo_, model@momie

The brand “ito”, a member of the current SUCC, works as a designer, performing all styling and photography. All items used for styling are of the same brand.

Also, "ito" will make its debut as an Autumn / Winter 2020 collection at New York Fashion Week. The timetable starts at 20:00 on February 10 and at 11:00 on February 11 in Japan time. The pattern of the showan Instagram account​ ​Will be distributed after the show.




We will inform you about the sales location and special site of "TUNE DELIVERY ~ MUSIC course FASHION ~" on the posted page. Please wait until the information is lifted.

It will be released nationwide from February 12 and will be released at 10:00 on a special site.


Stay Tuned!



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