5711 / 1A-014

The new work in 2021 is from Patek. After all, the green dial that decorates the last of 5711 came out. Strictly speaking, it is not a limited model, but it is a so-called one-shot product produced in less than a year, and is it positioned like a de facto limited model? The domestic list price is 4,015,000 yen, but in the second market, the initial price will go up to $ 150,000. It may be a suitable model to decorate the end of the unusually popular Nautilus.

Screenshot 2021-04-07 17.59.57


また来週 12日に他の新作モデルが発表されるようですけど、ノーチラスの次期モデルは来年以降の発売になるのでしょうか。

Screenshot 2021-04-07 18.05.06

Patek Philippe