Price of Modern Daytona

A graph of changes in the market price of the self-winding Daytona 3rd generation (16520/16520/16500). Of course, 16520/116520 is not a rare model but a standard model.

Looking at this, the current Daytona 116500LN was higher than the past two models from the moment it was born. But then it is overtaken by 16520. The hand-wound Daytona before that has soared abnormally, and 16520 has become more popular as an alternative.

The new 116500LN hasn't changed much since its release, and although it is the current model, it keeps a higher price than the previous model, isn't it? It is proof that it is also evaluated in terms of design.

The 116520 is so similar in design to the 16520 (although it's actually different) that it may look like a half-hearted entity.