Hajime Kuwazono's first solo exhibition under the name soh souen "A Modest Scream" held at The Mass

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Hiroshi Fujiwara's latest album "slumbers 2" jacket, soh souen's solo exhibition "Small Scream A Modest Scream" will be held from November 21st to December 27th in Harajuku, Tokyo. It will be held at "Mass". This exhibition is the first solo exhibition to be held under the name of soh souen after the name change of Kuwazono Hajime. The latest works such as the portrait work "tie" which started production in 2019, the abstract paintings "etude" and "caress and hug" using pastel, and the three-dimensional work "my body, your smell, and ours" will be announced.

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soh souen was born in Fukuoka in 1995. He continues to produce works that include physicality, centering on identities such as "self" and "others". The portrait work "tie" is an oil painting that expresses an acquaintance's ID photo as a collection of dots by creating a pixel and stretching it to create a blank space. The viewer reminds us that his identity is established by the perception of others by forming an image through his own eyes and forming an image.

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The abstract paintings "etude" and "caress and hug" are made by mixing pigments and soil to create original pastel colors and drawing them by hand. Normally, pastel paintings often use fixing materials in the end in consideration of aging deterioration, but souen does not dare to fix the pigment on the paper surface, but by facing it as a medium that can be touched forever, it has a warm and fragile physicality. Are piled up. This work, which was created while tracing like breathing, exudes the energy that gently springs up and the body temperature that makes you feel alive. In addition to pastel works, an installation exhibition with 25 kinds of herbs and fragrant trees collected based on healing and purification will also showcase a new work of three-dimensional work "my body, your smell, and ours" that imaged the body.

■ Modest Scream A Modest Scream
Dates: November 21st (Sat) -December 27th (Sun) 12: 00-19: 00 * Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Venue: The Mass
Address: 5-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
問い合わせ : 03-3406-0188

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