Maruha Yakitori chain store







Overnight in Kofu.
According to "Delicious Shinbo", chicken seems to be delicious. At the same time you open your mouth to a nice yakitori restaurant, you'll be rested for some reason.
Turned to a popular store in front of the station in the immediate vicinity of disappointment. But this is already full. Full now! She is also refused.
It looks like this store is located in a different location. Entrust the hope and go through the warmth of the Maruha Yakitori Chain Store.
And there is only one seat in the counter filled with regulars. Sit little by little and sit down. Thank you very much.
I'll make Negima by watching the situation. It tastes like a popular store. Oh! Is there a habit in the menu? Grilled fish from yakitori shop. There is no reason why it was baked on charcoal fire. I am fluffy.
I wanted to get other Kofu specialties on this day, so I ended here.
No, good yakitori for everyday use. Yakitori isn't something to eat after half a year or a year. Burn the skewered bird and eat it hot. It is a dish that makes you feel the vitality or even the root of food.