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Remember when the current S-Class was announced, it used a fairly ambitious design of steering? It was a characteristic retro design that included a cursive logo at 6 o'clock.

I liked this quite a lot, but it wasn't well-received, and I was immediately restored to a common sense design with a facelift. Of course, I think this has the purpose of reducing costs (= sharing with other models), but sometimes there are such things.

Screenshot 2019-09-11 20.08.38Top) Interior at the time of debut Bottom) After minor changes


In particular, it is often found in the first model, but initially the design theme was set up for the entire interior, and the concept was reflected in various places and characteristic details were adopted. However, in the end, the pattern is that it becomes a common sense design every time the model is changed due to bad reputation from customers and high cost.


For example, this characteristic steering of the first Cayenne. A very ambitious design with an inverted triangle with switches on the lower two sides. This is one of the things that disappeared due to the model change.



This is the first CLS. One large left and right wood panel is placed at a very high position on the dashboard, and the air conditioner control panel is placed inside it. This was actually a very ambitious design, but it was abolished immediately after the model change.


The interior of the original Boxster uses an oval motif repeatedly in various places. The air conditioner outlet, the instrument panel, and the mirror behind the sun visor were also oval. Naturally, this disappeared due to the model change.

Such details may be evaluated later.

images-9Repeated oval motifs on instrument panels, air conditioners, various switches, etc.

98673103109ebyThe vanity mirror behind the sun visor is also oval

images-11Oval image on door lining