BIC® 4-Colour™

I’ve been carrying around 2 or 3 pens in pencil case since I’ve needed something to write but recently have been using a BIC 4-Colour ball point pen to save some space.
This is Tom Sach’s signature pen, maybe related to his SPACE PROGRAM: MARS collaboration with Nike perhaps? After all, something like this should always be fun. Then, perhaps this is why the oddly interesting bookshop ‘Printed Matter’ in Chelsea always carries some in-stock and be replenished at any time if need be.
Incidentally, theres also a Sharpie version with pen-holder so avoid it being lost.

The Jeff Koon version from the time of his exhibition at the Pompidou Centre.
That poodle image was a souvenir from my assistant.
When I get something like this again and again there just too good to use (laugh)