The biggest problem with long trips overseas is laundry. Coming back to the hotel room exhausted, washing by hand in the bathroom basin and hanging out to dry … it’s impossible. So struggling with washing clothes, I was introduced to​ ​this​ ​​ ​and invested in one ofthis​ ​. I even considering taking​ ​this​ ​with me, yet underwear I take with me recently became old and worn out, and settling on getting rid of them when away, it’s also limited. Although shirts can be perfectly cleaned by the hotel laundry.
Then I came across this “Drumi'.
Even though it’s not something intended for travel, it’s close to being an ideal form? If the business trip involves more than one person, you can take turns using. Looks kinda good but is it too big?
The search for the ultimate washing goods looks set to continue.



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