Well, the delivery of 992 has come closer from the summer. First of all, I think that it is a matter of concern, but as of 911 it became quite large. The front width increased by 45 mm as compared with the current width.


Full length × full width × total height = 4519 × 1852 × 1300 mm, and rear normal carrera system also to wide fender. The full width of the rear is about 991 GTS even in Carrera. Moreover, since 991 the actual actual width of the car verification in Japan is slightly larger than the overseas announcement value (for example, 991 late Carrera was 1,803 mm in width, it was 1,830 mm in Japanese car verification), so the full width 1,852 mm Actually it may be about 1,860-1,870 mm. Until this point, it is also a matter of time that 911 finally exceeds the width of 1.9 m. Perhaps it may exceed 1.9 m with the next 992 turbo.

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The rear combination lamp has become like Panamera, is not it? Of course it may be a course of course from the viewpoint of unification of brand identity, but it seems that a little 911 characters seem to be weakly felt. The overhang of the rear fender is considerable, and it can be said that normal carrera no longer has the same turbo-like body as before. 991 The air intake with the vertical fin started from the latter term is continued to adopt, and the high mount stop lamp placed in the middle purposely may be the newest attempt in this design.

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Wheels are different in size before and after the first 20 in front and 21 in. You can see this by looking at the photos, but the rear seems to be quite large especially. Recent new models are not limited to Porsche, but as the specifications of wheels are not necessarily bad for riding comfort, this is a natural flow.

IMG - 5440

IMG_ 5444

"PDLS Plus" of the most expensive headlight also set for 991 also evolved. You are using LED matrix headlights that fine adjust the illumination area with 84 independent LEDs. This is also the trend as "Recent luxury cars add extra cost to front and rear lights".

IMG_ 5442