HF'S Winter Warmers 【Part 1】

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Artist, Hiroshi Fujiwara who continues to be active in various fields such as music and fashion. Among the many items I met in my work, travels, and private, what is it that warms his mind now? We deliver 2018 Winter Warmers 12 selections that HF selects. 【Part 1】

Baccarat fragmentdesign BE @ RBRICK

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"Baccarat fragmentdesign BE @ RBRICK" triple collaboration collaboration with fragments and bear brick, baccarat sold out soon at the end of November. It is HF flow to decorate the object of glass of Gerhard Richter (Gerhard Richter) next to coincidently the same height next to it. "I have collaborated with Bearblick several times, but for the first time triple collaboration with Baccarat I was happy, I can do it really, I am satisfied with the finish."

Lingua Franca NYC SWEATERS


"There was a sweat that I found suddenly at the museum shop in NY Museum museum, and when I saw the brand site, I was a women's clothing brand. I was attracted by the phrase" original gangsta "or embroidered, I bought it, I am glad that you meet like this. "Based in NY"Lingua Franca (Lingua Franca@linguafrancanycIsA specialized brand of cashmere sweater. Also focusing on fair trade, "sweater of" original gangsta "is 100 dollars per sheetThe Women's Alzheimer's MovementIt is donated to.

sacai × Polaroid Originals SX-70 limited model

DSC - 3082

"I owned the original model till the 1990s, it was because it was so heavy when I had not seen it for the first time in history, why I thought it was because" sacai "was decorating (laugh)" This camera, Polaroid Originals SX-70 revived with collaboration with Sakai. At the launch party, he served as a photographer at the reception and also provided a service to take visitors to visitors for about an hour. Compared with the reception party held by myself, "I felt that there were lots of beautiful women at the reception of Sakai (laugh)," HF.

Jamie Reid Republic Box Set REJECTS


The special box of Jamie Reid (Jamie Reed), an indispensable artist in the history of punk, was obtained from the EC site of London's Culture Arts Center L - 13. The box is 113 sets of limited edition with black gloves, signed with a number of 74/113 and a signature. "I30When I was about age, I met him in London, but it was just an anarchist impression.Feel nostalgy for punkIt reacts to what Jamie Reed did. "

>> SEX PISTOLS book released in 2016 the definitive edition

god save sex pistols

Soviet Bus Stops in Georgia


"I went for the first time, it was awesome, the city and the meal were all good," says Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia that went on for Fashion Week. "This book (self-mentioned) Tbilisi Tourism Ambassador Masuyuu (@ yumasui) I got it. He was like a "fashion industry's fish kung" and taught me a delicious mebiya in Tbilisi and a brand to watch on fashion week, and I got it done really well, "a memorable book. It seems.


By the way, the traveler Masuyuu tells why he delivered this book. "I was told that they liked road trips as a collection of young Georgian artists, and I also chose to take home anything that contains pretty Georgian language, so it's awesome."

>> Hotel that HF stayed in Tbilisi


AMKK (Toho, Hana Tree Research Institute) 's Sukajan

"I have 5 or 6 Ska Jeans.It is not the opportunity to wear so much like Gucci about 10 years ago .... Especially last year, the year before last year was popular and hard to wear, so I guess it is a chance to wear now "It was Skajan by Toshin who presides AMKK, It was posted in 2017 and it became a hot topic, "I came to hand in the summer of last year, but the motif is flowers but I like the design with Japanese and Western as well.It is gathered on a black base You can go wearing a funeral, are not you? "

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