Renting space is a big trend in Osaka curry at the moment.

Young and able people rent snack bars not open during the day and offer curry. When the reputation goes up they start a shop of their own. it works really well.

It’s not as widespread and something of a challenge in Tokyo, but found one here in Kawasaki.

Looking at Kansai foodie info for my own benefit, jumped in the car as soon as I caught sight of Takarashuzo’s ume-shu.

I never eat ton-katsu pork cutlet with salt. I’m sometimes coerced into eating like this in some high class restaurants but generally stay away from that. Ton-katsu is real when it is eaten with sauce.

Anyhow, it says the port cutlet here is superb.

Of course, I ask for the katsu curry. As soon as it comes I notice the katsu cutlet isn’t covered in sauce.

“Please eat the middle with a little salt to begin with,” says the owner.

I was hesitant at first, and from a distance with the owner cooking behind the counter took a bite of a piece in the middle, sprinkled with a little of the tabletop salt.

Wow. The flavour of this would be lost with sauce. Is this katsu or something else? Soft and without smell, the meat is fried at a low temperature, and way too delicious.

Also, there’s no sauce here. They had a small amount of shoyu so gave that a little try. This is good as well.

It’s finally eaten finally combined with curry sauce, placed on top of rice, which of course is best.

The sauce has a rich European flavour. Since it tastes sweet, it thankfully comes prepared with plenty of spices.

I guess it will become a shop of its own. I quite like the shop owner too. To begin with, he obviously knows really good quality meat when he sees it. 

I’ll go back again before I have to queue to get in.