Lexus LS

Since I know it’s really quite absurd to talk about cars myself, one aspect I will go into is the car as a ‘product of Japan’.
It goes without saying as a Japanese car brand overseas, Lexus is rated very highly but to be honest also suffered from having a bad impression of being a bit of a family or small-business owner runaround.
I had the opportunity to test drive and hear from the manufacturer how the flagship model has been changed for the first time 11 years (although I was wondering why they invited me … lol). The interior certainly feels like it’s been equipped with a contemporary sense of luxury. Theres a sense of fine hospitality or rather a Japanese like dexterity but it’s not a distraction. I guess this is where the future of the making side is. However, it seems like the showy part or rather that kind of forced luxuriousness is left as an option … I won’t go into the performance side of the car here.
I’ve been interviewed before regarding Toyota vehicles (but again I wondered with this why me?) I said at the time that if a car is representative of Japan, would it not be better to represent Japan as a product? If a technique of Japanese craftsmanship is adopted comparable with, say, Jaguar’s use of Connolly leather, or if quilted seat covers were incorporated with a unique sense of Japanese craft would it be received as a clever move abroad?
It’s seems that different elements of craftsmanship are incorporated as an option this time. It might be a gimmick but as a trial it also feels like the future is bright.

As far as Less is concerned, there was also tie-in curation with the Ring of Colour™ show TOKYO CALLING. Let’s keep a slight watch on this car with interest for some other time.