6239 Tiffany PN

Although hard to prove whether the Rolex with the double name ‘Tiffany’ is original or not, with dealers and collectors alike split on which they prefer whether, certain historical pieces are also being handled at auction again with findings nowadays being gradually collated such as the fonts from that era, the numbers still in existence and existing serial numbers.

In particular for SS non-Oyster Daytona, the Ref.6239 stainless steel bezel is only considered to exist on the Tiffany, it is thought that there are also only a few Tiffany spec. Ref.6239 PN currently in existence. Since Tiffany is considered a jewelry brand by most, the Tiffany name has been created for a more formal stainless bezel if the material is stainless steel, as well as based on Ref.6241 / 6264 plastic bezel in the case of the pure gold model.

This is one of the Ref.6239 PN sent to auction at PHILLIPS in Geneva. This is a wonderful specimen.

Of course, it is perfectly understandable for each collector to have their own opinion regarding models such as is including their originality. The price is what it is as well, and perhaps only a collector would reach and break through the price barrier. Since the conversation has moved on somewhat, what sort of dream does the watch promise?

Whatever that may be, I always think, “a collector determined to take on the challenge of a model like this will always look great”.


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