I went to ‘Noma’.

So I took a tour of Noma.
After our meal we were kindly shown around the kitchen on the first floor and laboratory on the second floor.​ ​
​ ​Impressive are the number of people preparing on the second floor, and particularly impressive are those selecting ants. Though there are rumours of their use of ants, it seems because of the acidity of strong citrus fruits not native to Northern Europe (Noma only uses local ingredients). As it turns out the ant is sour in taste. They also grow their own herbs, and have a space staff to eat prepared food. The office even has a copy on display of our bible ‘Oshinbo’ (laugh). It features dishes from around the world.
Leaving to go outside there is the specialised fermentation building. The dish I had with meat sauce instead of fish sauce was also made here. It seems like a former trainee is now a fermentation expert. This is the building where charcoal is made. Surprisingly, what they use is the grill rack used for Japanese yakitori.
In the​ ​film,​ ​it’s where they were also shooting but Noma has now relocated their greenhouse there. Stood on a wall full of graffiti I wondered if it’s not​ ​Christiania​ ​​ ​by any chance and thought it must be—a casual restaurant will open nearby the current location very soon. I’m really looking forward to it. I want to come back to Noma again but certainly want to go there too.

Everyone at Noma, thank you so very much!