ThinkPad X1 Carbon

In the past, the only other windows machine that I seriously owned was a Thinkpad.
During Nihon Kikaku’s IBM period, every detail in the Japanese produced ThinkPad was well made, really solid and compact, with Mac conversely offered as a ‘cool’ business tool.
With IBM becoming Lenovo, and Boot Camp provided by Apple, I have now moved away from the Windows machine and put Windows on a second-hand Mac that I use almost exclusively.
I wonder if the last ThinkPad was an ‘S30’? Though I no longer use it, I really like the shape and form of ‘S30’ and still pick it up now and again.

Booting-up took longer, but it’s been a while since I bought the ThinkPad.It is not the​ ​
‘X1 Carbon’​ ​Yonezawa-produced model.
I think this is what is commonly referred to as ‘MIL spec’, having US Military standards built-in: Not classy at all. Even though it is hard on the hands, it feels okay (even though I haven’t tried myself) and feels something even the police are likely to use, as well as the military: Practical but not that fashionable. For me the former IBM Thinkpad remains cool because of the way it has evolved over time.