1973, 14K Daytona 6241

This​ ​The t-shirt has arrived, ordered straight after reading this article​ ​in more detail, but a watch to tell the time by was necessary for a male pilot in 1973 so he purchases a brand new 14 carat gold Daytona from a local watchmaker for $543 (approx. ¥60,000). The story is that it’s always been in his possession, and was finally valued at $350,000.

The price back then is interesting. The listed price of Ref.6241 in1973 is not really that clear, but two years after in 1975 Ref.6265 was estimated at $1,900 and I think the 14K model Ref.6241 was roughly $1,200 (¥140,000).

However, because it was unpopular and remained unsold, it was discounted to $543. Even still, is it really $543 …