cado announces stick dryer, FRGMT model "BLACK BATON" also


Cado is a product brand from Japan that started in 2011 with the concept of “designing the air”. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its founding, it announced a product in collaboration with fragment design led by Hiroshi Fujiwara.

藤原ヒロシが語る「cado」のこと、「BLACK BATON」のこと



The base product is the industry's first stick-type hair dryer "baton", which was released on the same day. Since 2017, the company has gone through trial and error to create the ideal hair dryer. Doubting the existing design, in 2018, we released the “P-form” noseless model hair dryer BD-E2. Three years later, after further research, the baton was announced. Just by raising your hand, you can maintain the ideal distance between your hair and the dryer (approximately 20 cm), and deliver the optimum amount of wind and heat to your target. Stick shape design. While maintaining the industry's top-class air volume of approximately 2.0 m³/min with the newly developed HSDC motor, it is possible to adjust the air temperature in four stages, and the dual far-infrared structure and negative ion You can gently care for your hair and skin with warm air containing


In addition to the regular model that you can choose from two colors, silver and white, the limited design designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara has a chic appearance made of matte black. The original "BLACK BATON" graphic and Fragment logo are designed on the back side of the baton body along with the thunder mark. Also, unlike the regular model, a black nylon case designed by Ramidas is included. Details such as the release date will be revealed in the future.

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藤原ヒロシが語る「cado」のこと、「BLACK BATON」のこと