Hiroshi Fujiwara talks about "cado" and "BLACK BATON"


cado” released a new product last month, a stick-type hair dryer ”batons”. The model announced this time "BLACK BATON” is responsible for the direction of various cultures, including music and fashion, and has followers all over the world.It is a collaboration model with Hiroshi Fujiwara, who leads the. ahead of releasecadomeeting withBLACK BATONwas interviewed about the design of

Photo: Takashi Kawashima
Text: Yutaka Kikutake

cadoEncounter with

cadoI knew about it before. I used to use a circulator, and recently I also use a dehumidifier at home. "

cadoOne of the features of our products is not only their sophisticated design, but also the high performance and long life achieved by limiting the functions of each product.

“Even if you put it in your living space, the design doesn’t make a statement, and it’s nice that it’s easy to understand that it’s a single function. I worry too much (laughs)."


Recently, it goes without saying that the functions of home appliances are guaranteed, but it is also becoming more common for home appliances to be selected according to the scene and place of life.cadoTakeshi Suzuki, creative director, adds. It used to be the norm to use the same home appliances once purchased, but it seems that preparing variations according to the space where they are installed will be an option to color your living space.

“I myself buy several humidifiers during the year to use depending on the season, and I change them depending on the location. I don't use it for two weeks.


This time the collaboration was realized "batons” is a major design feature that does not look like a hair dryer at first glance. Inspired by the baton used in track and field relays, the diameter is the same. "batonsI asked about my impression when I first got my hands on it.


At first glance, you wouldn't think it was a hair dryer. I showed my friend the model sample that I had kept at the time of design, but no one could tell it was a hair dryer.It's interesting that it has a cord and looks like a nunchaku. (smile)The design is simple and complete, so I didn't feel the need to do anything.

This time, the direction of the design was decided from the first meeting, and the special pouch made by Ramidus was almost a reproduction of the handwritten sketch that Fujiwara drew on the spot.


color isBLACKSince there was no expansion ofBLACKTo. Add a logo to it and the design is complete. It's lightweight and has a smart shape, so it's easy to carry around. That's why I decided to add a pouch with a pocket that can neatly store the main unit, parts, and cords. ”

Extended design and functionality

This time"batons” has been realized, but in the futurecadoWhen asked which product they would collaborate with from the lineup, they gave an interesting answer.

“I would like to participate from scratch.cadoA venture company like , will move forward quickly, and there seems to be a lot of things that can be done.

for example,batonsIsn't it possible to use this shape as it is and add other functions? It's strange that it's an air purifier in the form of a so-called hair dryer, but isn't there an air purifier that can be placed at the bedside? It's a design that doesn't look like a hair dryer, so it's like expanding the functions in the same format. ”

cadoEven within the company, there are discussions about the pros and cons of developing other products using the same design. Fujiwara said, "It would be more interesting to do that," and pushed his back.


Suzuki says that home appliances are basically analog, and that the sense of size has actually not changed for decades. Today, many things, including digital technology, are getting smaller and thinner, and home appliances have evolved by refining their designs and functions.

“Since this design works as a hair dryer, it seems that many ideas will come out. If there is an attachment that can be hung on a hanger, it will be possible to dry clothes. I think that home appliances are basically things that make life more comfortable, but you can also add a sense of fun to them through the design and how they are made.”

batonsbegins withcadoIt was an interview that raised expectations for the future of the collaboration between Hiroshi Fujiwara and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Release: 19:00 on January 11, 2023
Price: 49,500 yen
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