Shinkyō Honten



The last time I went to Hiroshima the words the caught my ear were “curry-jiru (soup) for the road”.

Curry-jiru ? Isn’t that soup curry?

Desperate to know more, and ignoring my already full stomach I wanted to try some after top-quality cooking disguised as simple izakaya cuisine.

It’s a regular Showa style lunch spot (ichizenmeshi-ya). A lot of people are drinking as well. And sure enough there was curry-jiru yet it turned out to be curry rice, made up of separate bowls of rice and curry (lol)

But once remembered, this will be indispensable the next time you have “one for the road”. I wonder what makes it so rich? It’s like its been topped up everyday with unagi and yakitori. It almost turns into curry on the second day. Pickled daikon rasdish makes me happy as well.

I will starve myself in readiness for a full set of Curry-jiru from now on.