Sony’s Wearable Neck Speaker, SRS-WS1


A futuristic design that’s not a Sony-like future. I tried the neck speaker before being released. I had hoped they would naturally go “full-blast without disturbing others” precisely because I always conscious of watching TV in the living room after the family has gone to bed.

So, I checked the film I was recording quickly, but … hmm, the more the volume goes up, the more they leak sound, and making them more like headphones. In any case, it’s also worrying that a depth-of-sound is missing.

It honestly felt as if they had just missed an opportunity because hopes were so high, but it’s a completely different situation trying to play a game. All sorts of different sounds come through that are not audible with television speakers. This is amazing.

Perhaps these are better if I watch a few more films. I will thoroughly investigate further.