The special ‘CLUBROUND BASE’ experience held to celebrate the release of Ray-Ban’s new ‘CLUBROUND’ sunglasses.

This summer ‘Ray-Ban’ released ‘CLUBROUND’ their newest legendary eyewear. To celebrate the release of this new standard model, for a limited time you can enjoy sunglass-themed activities at the ‘Gramping’ spot ‘CLUBROUND BASE’ by a collaboration with private residence ‘THE HOUSE on the beach’ opened this summer in Hayama.

During the campaign 2 pairs will be drawn by lottery during the 2 day / 1 night family-camping experience in this ‘CLUBROUND BASE’. Through the ‘family camp’ experience the aim is to try in body and mind to experience the appeal of this new classic ‘CLUBROUND’.
For campaign details visit the special ‘CLUBROUND BASE’ campaign site.

Mirari Japan
www.clubroundbase.com (*Special campaign site)
www.ray-ban.com (Official HP)