I usually can’t get a reservation at Ebisu’s Shamomaru during winter, so have been enjoying it over the summer. Yet, checked it again since the weather became slightly chilly.
Appetisers of vegetable sticks come with a choice of dips including your favourite miso, umeboshi (pickled plum) and salt.

Always a course of wild game ‘nabe’ hot pot, and … vegetables dressed in wine wine and kimchi come first, all proceeded by beer.

Fried spicy chicken wings.
More beer.

Some kind of skewer dish. That day it was bonjiri (chicken tail). The bird smell is clear without being too fatty.

Liver, and mustard with wasabi.
Someone not keen on liver may find this difficult to eat.

Last sewer is plum chicken, which is exquisite.

Finally it’s the nabe hot pot.
Since the restaurant staff presented it in a pan and not a pot, it somehow looks half-eaten (laugh)
It’s closer to shabu-shabu (sliced beef) than a nabe of fresh liver, chicken, breast meat and gizzards.

Arrive at a decent time to eat daikon radish in soy soup. After, some light and airy tsukune (meatballs) followed by tofu and green onion—something not really worth getting excited about. (laugh) With the tsukune dipped in egg, it can then be dipped in the same soup with a touch of salt. If you need more soup stock you can refill. The level of soup always wins.
The last dish …
You can choose from rice and udon noodles: I always have it half-and-half. Eating udon with an additional sprinkle of salt to strengthen before adding soup is also good.
And finally rice to close the meal … a porridge of rice and vegetables? Though closely related, eating them like this is a bit different. Saying that, I really enjoyed it.