Anime began streaming on Netflix with ‘Ajin: Demi-Human’.
Manga that I worried about for some time but when you read it’s certainly addictive, although I had intentionally avoided doing so, and once I’d taken I quick look … it definitely was interesting (laugh)
On Netflix, new episodes are updated weekly, but the fact I have to buy​ ​previous episodes on Kindle​ ​all at once is frustrating. From the second volume onward, the original author is not that involved, so the work definitely feels a little bit different. It’s become a bit of a Manga battle.
The manga is limited to Kindle. Above all, buying on paper is a waste of space. Since it is data from the start, e-book publishers put out the books as data from the very beginning, eventually gathering them together at the end of the year. Even if technology changes I will keep hold of them, as along as Amazon exists and doesn’t die, that is!