"World-class masterpiece" été Natsuko Shoji x VERDY's latest work is Arita porcelain


A collaboration between Natsuko Shoji, the owner chef of "été" and graphic artist VERDY, which has continued since 2020. This time, the latest work, instead of sweets, works focused on Arita porcelain appeared.

For this work, Shoji learned that the purchaser carefully stored the chocolate paper container, which was one of the collaboration items released in 2021, and production started based on that story.


The smooth curved beauty of the chewed heart, which is also a feature of the package, is reproduced as it is as pottery. The green color of the beautiful box also has a deep vividness due to the glaze that is carefully applied by craftsmen, and the gold letters of "Fleurs d'été" spelled on the lid bring a dignified and elegant atmosphere. there is

There is also a message "MADE WITH LOVE" inside. VERDY commented on the work, which can be used as both a vessel and an object, "This time, I have completed something exciting that I can't imagine being alone! I also recommend adding black soybeans for the New Year." It is perfect for the dining table of the coming season.


Also, part of the sales of this work will be donated to the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries. Shoji said, ``The cooking industry has also been hit hard by the impact of the coronavirus, and as the difficulty has attracted attention, we are facing a serious problem that the number of chefs and food producers has decreased dramatically.This time, VERDY-kun. Through this new announcement, we would like to convey the wonders of Japan's world-class masterpieces to as many people as possible, and increase the number of people who will lead the next generation."

A Bridge to The Next Generation
Price: 15,000 yen (tax included)
Size: Length 13 cm x Width 12.5 cm x Height 5.5 cm
Comes with a 100% cotton wrapping cloth
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