Fragment's new project "PEACE PIECE" launched at Shanghai Aman

"the POOL aoyama," "THE PARK ING GINZA," "THE CONVENI," Hiroshi Fujiwara, who has been proposing new lifestyles through limited-time spaces and products, is launching a new lifestyle project, "PEACE PIECE." Launched in China.

"PEACE PIECE" started with Hong Kong's Notitle company as the operating company and Daisuke Gemma as the creative manager. The products he handles include apparel, accessories, home wear, and toys, all of which feature a high-end and clean style that evokes the classic Fragment style. In addition, there are a wide variety of lifestyle goods,A tag with traditional crafts such as tea sets and table tennis sets, and Chinese-likeThere will also be collaborations with artists such as BE@RBRICK by Panda and silkscreen by Tide.

peacepiece_20221217_05bath robes



The first collection is only available in China. At Amanyangyun in Shanghai, China, a room decorated with “Peace Piece” products will be prepared for a limited time from December 17th to 25th, and it is possible to stay. In addition, it is scheduled to be sold at some shops in China, and will also be available online.

In addition, it is said that the project will be deployed on the world stage. I want to pay attention to what kind of goods pop out.