New C class

New C class. The topic is focused on the computerization of the interior, but the exterior design has become a design that reflects the recent grill shape and trends while following the trend from the S class.

While drawing on the recent trend of A headlights, the design also incorporates the feeling of the CLA / CLS nose. Aside from the rear, the front has the impression that it has succeeded in fitting this deep-sea fish-like face. Do you call it a little Aston face?

Even so, mysteriously, this matte color suits the recent Mercedes. The designer may have been consciously designing from the beginning.

Screenshot 2021-02-27 10.34.56

And at first glance, the grill is a normal mesh. But if you look closely, it's a mechanism that the Benz mark is placed. I think that all will be unified to this grill in the future.

Screenshot 2021-02-27 10.34.45

Screenshot 2021-02-27 10.30.21

The wagon was also announced at the same time, and the design is not broken. The interior is also simple and modern, with only the necessary parts of the new S-class interior adopted. It looks like the texture has improved significantly. Mercedes-Benz also has A-class sedans and CLA, so I think I wanted to improve the car's appearance a little. The price is likely to rise.

However, all engines are straight-four 1.5 / 2.0 only. Well, this can't be helped. It's a trend of the times. On the contrary, Tesla would say, "Are you still talking about 4-cylinders or displacement?"

Screenshot 2021-02-27 10.45.23

Screenshot 2021-02-27 10.46.30