fragment design creates the corporate logo for a research company that appears in the latest Pokémon movie


Pokemon's latest movie "Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco" will be released at theaters nationwide on December 25th. In the same workHiroshi Fujiwara presided over "fragment design(Fragment design) ”participated for the first time. The logo of the research facility that appears in the playI'm designing.


"Theatrical version Pocket Monster Coco" is set in "Okoya no Mori", a jungle outback far from the human settlement.The story of a strange parent and child of the human child "Coco" and the Pokemon "Zarud" who raises her against the rules of the forest is drawn.It was scheduled to be released on July 10, but it was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. The seal is finally opened today.

Fragment design designed it to appear in the playThe company logo of the "Biotope Company" to which Dr. Zed and Karen belong. The companyIt is a company researching cutting-edge technology, and it is said that this logo appears in various scenes in the play.

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