RAMIDUS × fragment design School bag "RUNSEL" that can be proud of


​The 'RAMIDUS(Lamidas) "By fragment designschool bag"RANSEL (Lancel)Has appeared. Enrolled in 2021It will be a completely made-to-order item for children entering the park, and in SeptemberWith RAMIDUS OSAKA STOREHeld a limited-time order reception at RAMIDUS TOKYO STORE.. Even on the special sales site10/3th(sat)We will sell more to order.

RANSEL is a Dutch word that means a bag to carry on your back.RANSELIs derived from. While there are many school bags that emphasize durability and functionality, the concept is "coolness that you can be proud of." Based on the familiar Japanese classic school bag shape, it is stylishly finished.

The base material is domestic cowhide that makes the most of the original texture of leather. The color of the lid is beautiful, and the surface has a smooth finish. In addition to this, we are pursuing functionality and weight reduction by incorporating different materials for the strap that can be smoothly adjusted in length. Accessories include rain covers andFully equipped with reflectors and security buzzers.The colors are black and red2With color development, we also offer an initial engraving service on name cards. the price is85,800 Circle (tax included)​ ​

RAMIDUS RANSEL order reception schedule
September 5th (Sat) -September 13th (Sun) @RAMIDUS OSAKA STORE
September 16th (Wednesday) -October 2nd (Friday) @RAMIDUS TOKYO STORE
Delivery time: Delivered by February 2021
* Because it is completely made-to-order, acceptance will end as soon as the planned number is reached.