Today's book by Hiroshi Fujiwara "ROBERT OVERBY WORKS 1969-1987"


American visual artist Robert Overby (Robert Oberby 1935–93) became a visual artist after working as a graphic artist. He has produced a wide variety of multifaceted works, including sculptures, installations, paintings, photographs, prints, and collages. The TOYOTA logo was designed by him in the graphic era and is still in use. However, it is said to be a hidden talent of postwar American art because it exhibited almost no exhibits throughout its life.

"WORKS 1969-1987" published by Mousse Publishing is an exhibition catalog. The first exhibition realized in 2014 after Oberby's death, starting with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Art Gallery in Bergamo, ItalyGAMeC, Museums in Bergen, NorwayBergen Kunsthall, Museums in Dijon, FranceLe ConsortiumI went to four places. The curator is Alessandro Rabottini, an art critic.

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