Shibuya night club "TRUMP ROOM" is closed Closing ceremony held

closedpartyNight club that represents TokyoTRUMP ROOM(Trump room),7/10Closed on a day

TRUMP ROOM,​ ​2007Since the opening of the year, it has created a wide variety of cultures that symbolize Tokyo. A creative space with luxurious chandeliers, velvet sofas and mirrored tabletops reminiscent of medieval Europe.LOUIS VUITTON(Louis Vuitton) andCHROM HEARTS(Chrome Hearts) and many other big brands are used for private parties. Overseas celebrities are coming “Incognito"It was also recognized as a spot to visit.

In-store photo

The last party is held from 10th to 4th in a row due to the closing of the store. 10thTOKYO DANDY(Tokyo Dundy) and "PAMEO POSE(Pameo Pose)PELI(Peri), Yuya Nara,ELLI ROSE(Erie Rose),MADEMOISELLE YULIA(Madmoiselle Yulia) and others, the intimate DJs gather. Note thatTRUMP ROOMUsed clothes shop attached to the same buildingNUDE TRUMP(Nude cards) will continue to operate in the future.

Address: 12-14 Jinnan 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 4th and 5th floors
July 10 (Wed) 20: 00-28: 00
July 11 (Thu) 22:00-MIDNIGHT
July 12 (Fri) 22:00 to 29:00
July 13 (Sat) 22:00-29:00