Venturi Atlantique 300 Bi-turbo

The Venturi sports car was unveiled by an emerging manufacturer called MVS founded in 1986 in France. After that, the owner of the company changed (in 1992, it went to the owner of the Larousse F1 team), and around 1996 the design was renewed and model newly christened Atlantique. The powertrain is equipped with 285 ps PRV-made V6 3,000 turbo in the mid-section. PRV is the joint venture company of Peugeot, Renault and Volvo, the same origin as the engine installed in the Alpine.

In Japan, the dreamlike model was regularly imported for a very short period in 2000 by an Atlantic trading company which was Aston's import agent. The tail lens is borrowed from the 3 series of BMW E21. It was big at the time, but currently measures 1,850 mm in overall width, roughly 911 in size. Although it is a silhouette of the Ferrari midship overall, it is interesting that the unique aerodynamic conscious design is still slightly French. It would easily stand out if you saw this in Tokyo today.

Cars like this have no market, so in many cases you can buy them cheaply, but even if you bought one, there are many problems such as finding the right parts and whether they can be repaired or not. If trouble occurs while driving, because the problem is also life-threatening, liking old cars is filled with difficult problems.