THE CONVENI releases collaborations with WTAPS and NEIGHBOURHOOD

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​The '​ ​​ ​​ ​‘THE CONVENI’ items are being revealed little by little before the August 8 opening. In addition to original goods such as Umaibo and T-shirt filled pet bottles, items available for a short time only and collaboration goods will appear at the opening from ‘WTAPS', ‘NEIGHBORHOOD', ‘FR 2’, and Fukuoka coffee shop ‘NO COFFEE’.

PPI 28140 _ c 99 PPI 28080 _ cm 99


There are pens, logo-filled sellotape, and raincoats from ‘WTAPS’, while ‘NEIGHBORHOOD’ comes with stickers and T-shirts. Also a T-shirt from ‘FR 2’ with the logo “Smoking Kills” will be fringed with ‘THE CONVENI' colours. Other than that, clear files and T-shirts will also be released from the "NF" project managed by Ichiro Yamaguchi.

PPI 28160 _ cm 99

PPM 28030 _ cm 10

PPI 28120 _ cm 01 (1)

PPI 28070 - c 10

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