Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018
The efforts of Japanese restaurants this time was remarkable.
But all the same I still think the Japanese rating is too low, personally.
There are too many delicious places in Japan and the average is more than normal.
I wonder would it not have been possible to get to restaurants even for gourmets coming from abroad because they was really quite delicious?
There are some where it’s normal to wait 2 months or even 2 years.On the contrary, some places don’t take reservations at all.
And if there is ramen, there is also udon, soba, and tempura. There are way too many delicious things at any rate.

So, ‘Gaggan’ has been 1st for 4 consecutive years, without any sort of collaboration or media exposure. Wonder if it’s still like that?
And ‘Den’ is 2nd. Delicious of course. Moreover, the service there is somewhat friendly. Customers are entertained, and quite a Japanese style of cuisine, which wins over foreigners.
3rd is ‘Florilege’ which I was honestly surprised by.
I think the restaurant’s juice-pairing is the best in the world.
Food is also quite delicious and the atmosphere here is brilliant. I suppose you could say the result makes perfect sense. Nevertheless, ‘Florilege’ focuses on all things French, and one restaurant out of many. It’s proof that 3rd place has been properly accessed and recognized.

Despite the sense of generational change in a good way, it’s also great that ’Narisawa’ and ‘RyuGin’ are biting firmly into the top rank.
I think ’Narisawa’ will always float to the top for everything.