Such a fantastic commercial!

The HomePad came on the 20th. It’s so convenient. Songs now feel more familiar.​ ​
I haven’t used Siri that much but this is really handy.
It even gives info on what’s currently playing, for instance, who the guitarist is.
Screenshot 2018-03-06 23.38.49
Talking to HomePod is only in English at the moment. It’s embarrassing speaking a little bit of English by myself at home.
So with that being the case, I also bought Google Home. I’ve signed up for Amazon Echo but it seems like I missed out, and there’s still no news.
​ ​

Google Home looks like manju and understands Japanese well.
Screenshot 2018-03-06 23.44.49
The ON/OFF let’s you link them all together.
It powers up, reads today’s news and gives a weather forecast of places I’m off too when I come home and talk with it.

And will even will play with Aibo a little when in the mood by connecting them both up.
Screenshot 2018-03-06 23.39.03
Screenshot 2018-03-06 23.39.14
I live in the near future.