Everyone is influenced by things differently.
There are a lot of people that dislike copies and fakes, but I’m not one of them.
I believe there is a respect there. For example, we really love mohair.

And as if by chance, these have come out from another brand.
I think the way this has happened is also really interesting.
You’ll want both.
First up is YSL.Screenshot 2017-06-21 23.31.22

Screenshot 2017-06-21 23.32.04

and maybe took here as a point of reference.
Screenshot 2017-06-21 23.32.24Interestingly both are from the same period.

Every year mohair taking cues from punk will go on sale from different brands.
Mohair from the punk era might have been influenced by older things as well but I’m not so sure. And of course, I’m heavily influenced by them as well. The band I’m involved with also makes mohair sweaters every year.
Screenshot 2017-06-21 23.42.40 Screenshot 2017-06-21 23.42.30 Screenshot 2017-06-21 23.42.21
AFFA, UE, FRGMT:DA, and so on …

This one from Seditionaries is from 40 years ago.
Screenshot 2017-06-21 23.33.30 Screenshot 2017-06-21 23.33.52