I thought wouldn’t it be great to have some clogs just to wear when taking out the rubbish and running to the convenience store (well, ones I have already are in pieces … (laugh) ) so decided to buy a pair of Boston Birkenstocks for the first time in ages. Then when I went to the shop the shop staff were too aggressive and completely loss interest in buying these slippers which were advertised on Facebook around that time. Without giving it more thought I decided to try and order a pair.
In the first place, felt room shoes are like waterproof shoes you can then wear outside. They look easy to wear with a slip-on crushed heel but like the ones you wear outside once you don’t bother wearing them inside.
Don’t the​ ​Adidas AS900​ ​feel a little like this? The Adidas pace has been really strong recently so would they reissue the AS900 please!