Renewal of uka Zenshin Shampoo, Birth of “koicirôle” that smells like a winter bath

This winter, uka and the stylist's personal masterpiece "Zenshin Shampoo" will re-debut as "koicirôle" with a new look.

This is the 3rd “Zenshin Shampoo” that uka and the stylist own. “My father was an actor, and my job as a stylist is the same, but there are things that I can do my best only when I get a ‘role’.The word that there is a ‘role’ that can be entrusted or given,” says Koichiro Yamamoto. Like this, he seamlessly connected the French word for role, rôle, with his own name, and named it as the name of Zenshin Shampoo. Naomi Hirabayashi is in charge of the logo and package design. In line with Hirabayashi's words, "Don't be influenced by emotions and senses, and have an appearance that is not sweet," it has been reborn as Zenshin Shampoo with a smart logo and bottle.

This is the first product of koicirôle, and uka has been collaborating since its founding in 2009 in response to a request to create a warm scent that will not make you feel cold when you take a bath in winter. Perfumed by Jill Vertumeu of Sirius. A blend of sandalwood, vanilla, frankincense and yuzu with ylang ylang as the main ingredient. The gentleness and splendor of ylang ylang rises from the foaming Zenshin Shampoo, and the spicy nuances of sandalwood and frankincense continue over time.

The characteristics of the Zenshin washable shampoo are the same as before, even if it smells like winter. If there is one difference, refills will be released at a later date. With "koicirôle", it seems that you will continue to use it even if it runs out.

koichiroôle (stylist's personal item) Zenshin Shampoo
Contents: 400mL
Sales price: 5,500 yen (tax included)

[2/4 update] The release date of the "koicirôle" refill has been decided at 11:00 on February 5th. 300 mL, 3,850 yen.


koichirôle (stylist's personal item) Zenshin Shampoo Refill
Contents: 300mL
Sales price: 3,850 JPY (incl. tax)
*Purchase up to 5 per person.