Documentary 72 Hours Best 10 Special

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I was completely careless. At the end of the year, we do the best of the year, but to commemorate the 10th anniversary, I didn't expect to do such a project during the Obon festival!

Aside from the ranking, my best are the convenience store in Nemuro, the nursery school at night in Hakata, the tuna fisherman's holiday abroad, and so on. Aeon at the end of the year in the Tohoku earthquake disaster area was also good.
There are times when I'm worried about the NHK staff's view of the elected people, but most of them are good content that introduces life that I never see. As I said earlier, one of the good things about this program is that it wraps up the end of the year in an unusually hectic time. Of course, I'll take my time watching it at the beginning of the year (laughs).
But this time it's fun. Pre-recorded, of course.