From Galiano to Star Wars V&A Kimono Exhibition “Kimono – Kyoto to Catwalk –”


Located in Kensington, London, EnglandVictoria & Albert Museum(Victoria & Albert Museum), popular nameV&A,It is a national museum with millions of collections of art from various eras. In addition to many fashion-related exhibitions, it is known to have a full-scale replica of the famous statue of David. SuchV&AIn FebruaryWhat started“Kimono – Kyoto to Catwalk –”It is a special exhibition of kimono titled "Kimono".

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The exhibition took several years of preparation and research, and it is quite spectacular to see not only the beauty of the kimono on the surface, but also the contents based on historical facts and the history of fashion through the kimono. The content. In the old days17Kimonos that have been in the Western world since the beginning of the century (Edo period) by trading with the Netherlands. It is an exhibition that examines how the kimono pervades Europe and how it affects the fashion, art and entertainment of the world today.This time, Mademoiselle Yulia was selected as the main visual styling for this exhibit. To her who participates in Kimono at overseas fashion week such as Paris Collection,V&AIt seems that she has been interviewed as a stylist because she is bright in both kimono and fashion. Open in ParisChanelThe kimono she was wearing when she attended the show is also included in the book catalog of this exhibition.


Passing through the museum shop at the back of the main entrance and going to the right on the sculpture hall, it will appear.“Kimono – Kyoto to Catwalk –”It is a special exhibition room. Beside the wall of the statement of the entrance was designed by John GallianoChristian Dior 2007The annual haute couture piece welcomes visitors. A kimono-style ensemble that Ai Tominaga wore during the presentation at the time. Kimono inspiration works by world-famous fashion designers raise expectations. In the space that extends deep inside, beautiful kimonos are lined up on mannequins and clothing girders along with the history of kimonos in Japan, images explaining the structure of kimonos, hair ornaments and inro, Ukiyo-e and Japanese paintings.

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 The gorgeous color cast that would have been worn during the Oiran route, and Kamishimo, the middle-dressed samurai man reminiscent of "Bakaden-sama" and "Kansan of Toyama". There are many old and precious kimonos on display, such as stylish sleeves with songs embroidered. According to Mademoiselle Yulia,V&AThe exhibition method is said to be "pretty rare". The fabrics of precious kimonos that have passed the times are often painful, and in Japan it is rare to wear them on a mannequin to avoid the risk of damage, but just hanging on the clothes girder is familiar with kimonos. People in non-cultural areas don't know what to wear.Therefore, while paying close attention,I suppose he dares to wear it on his mannequin.It's only overseas that you can see precious kimonos with these display methods.told me. Furthermore, on the mannequin,The hairstyle at that time that matches the kimono is also reproduced, butIt's not the wig you see in a historical drama,Made of light material like hard tulle.Mademoiselle Yulia has a V&V for these small props.I said I can feel the sense of A.


In the next section, you will find not only kimonos, but also paintings, photographs, clothes, and other Western cultural exhibits inspired by kimonos, such as dresses made from kimono fabrics and the appearance of Western people wearing kimonos. On the contrary, Japan, which started international exchange, was influenced by Western culture and industry.Kimono too. Among them, Taisho was the one that caught my eye.It is a kimono for men and boys who drew tanks, cars, fighters, battleships, etc. made in the Showa period, and kimonos for newborns to visit the shrine. It may be a rare opportunity to feel the poignant feeling of the time when the world war was approaching through kimono.


 Then, I'm going to the section at the end of the exhibition, but from this point, it's a catchy thing.X Japan ​ ​YoshikiDeal withYoshikimonoAppeared in the jacket of Bjork's masterpiece "Homogenic"Alexander McQueenCostume by (thatCGI was surprised that it was not a real costume. Nick Knight), Madonna“Nothing Really Matters”Wore in the music video ofJean-Paul GaultierRed Kimono style ensemble, Freddie Mercury's personal kimono, Hakama where Toshiro Mifune was in Kurosawa's Sanjuro Tsubaki, and even the costumes of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Queen Apeirana from the Star Wars series. , And other exhibits related to celebrities, famous movies, and world-class designers.V&AThat's why it seems to be a masterpiece lineup. In addition, you can capture the evolution of unique kimonos such as art works based on kimonos and wearing "unusual" kimonos that can be seen around Harajuku. It should be felt once again that kimono has been so long and still attracts many artists and creators.



Kimono is unique,Foreigners tend to think of it as a costume that is difficult to understand.But the exhibitionWhile carefully explaining the mysterious charm, the kimono is WesternThe fact that it has been widely accepted by culture since ancient times, is actually more versatile than you can imagine.Have sexEven today, the world continues to inspire and evolve.And make you notice. Currently V&V due to the influence of coronavirusA is closed, and this Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk exhibition has been postponed, but the other day,The curator tour of the exhibition has been released.V&V through 5 tour videosPlease take a look at the masterpieces created by A.