Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

I previous left my own iPhone and iPad on the bedside table (making use of models that had been retired), but began to notice what I did with a smartphone all day didn’t really change before going to bed or soon after waking up (lol). In the end was going to bed more and more with my main iPhone X.

So, I want to charge it by placing it on top, because it a problem not to. Since I use Belkin in the living room at home but deliberately use Morphie at the office, the question now is what do I do?

Looking around I found a few, changing the concept a little by looking for a stand-style charger instead. This time I went for the dependable Anker.

But it’s good enough because it gives a proper charge, of course. I think it’s slightly too tilted but I guess it doesn’t make much difference since I’m only putting it on top and not fixing it in place.