Using a sealer as it is to make a vacuum pack everyday to freeze meat and things is fine, but it’s large scale. After which, it’s thrown away.

I saw this release and thought it might be useful for storing coffee, or, for something more easier, for example, like grooming products put together with underwear when traveling overseas for business. I reserved one straight away but since it took quite a long time to turn up I completely forgot I had even ordered it (lol).

At the moment, the special bag is only M size, and in spite of the moderate seal, it’s big enough to do just about anything with. I really hope a smaller size comes out soon.

Although it’s written in the instruction manual, the vacuum is more powerful than a food sealer. But the attraction is how easy this is to use.

Besides buying in white for the body colour, the pink looks thinner, and a little Pop (lol).