See daeng




Kobe’s Thai cuisine is a really pleasant surprise.

Although skeptical I tried going after I overheard the chi-mama (or sub-boss!) talking at ‘Sekumeto’ snack bar in Kyoto, but as it turns out the chim-chum nabe hot pot is way too delicious. Ingredients are put in a pot after pouring egg over meat, which gives this a surprisingly good taste.

It looks refreshingly bitter and deep in flavour … it also tastes good with tamarin sauce. When I say I’ve never experienced a taste like this in Tokyo to the shop, they reply “true, I should relocate to Tokyo, shouldn’t I” What a waste! I wish everyone in Kobe would go visit and stop by all the time.

Buy the takeaway soup because it’s so delicious. You’ll enjoy it even at home.

It seems there’s only ramen at lunchtime. Again, this place deserves more. You should take-out the exquisite curry. Even though I’m quite full, I can’t resist the green curry. You know, this place is great. Lets come soon and take some time to eat.