White Rabbit

Moscow’s​ ​‘White Rabbit’​ ​
a restaurant I’ve wanted to go to.
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Rather than reimagining Russian cuisine, it was something new instead.
Several kinds of caviar sauce in pickled cabbage appeared from a pitch black charcoal bowl. It was very delicious. Even the same caviar tastes completely different? How do you eat amazing caviar like this? White Rabbit also puts a spin on Japanese style ingredients like uni (sea urchin) or kaki (persimmon), and makes them their very own.
And the name of the ‘White Rabbit’ comes from the Russian white rabbit.
I can’t help remembering ‘The White Rabbit technique’.
I definitely want to go there again. It’s a restaurant I really love.

On a quiet day in Tokyo recently I did the same again. Because the invitation was well timed I went along.
Well, I felt like it was only all to draw out a fraction of what makes the main restaurant so good.
The mood and atmosphere doesn’t travel.
And, unfortunately, I don’t think the people who came really enjoyed the cooking.
Eating together like that.
So I was thinking perhaps it’s only a place for foodies, with all three at our table being late. I thought this time they’d be late for dinner, but they didn’t even show up. Lol.
“The White Rabbit technique” didn’t work in Tokyo. Is it even necessary here … ?