New Phantom

The secret of the new model Phantom’s design is definitely the grill.

The Phantom grill made in the early days of Rolls Royce since the 1920’s was naturally the same as the Parthenon grill as now, but this was a ‘vertically long rectangle’.


Models around the ‘60s also had the same proportions.


The Parthenon grill from around the ‘90s Silver Seraph changed shape to horizontal without being noticed.


And of course, the modern Phantom put together by BMW in 2003 and newly made by the Rolls Royce Company, clearly had a long horizontal Parthenon grill.


And so considering a return to the original when updating the Phantom for the first time in 14 years, I think it inevitable for the first vertical grill to be revived.

However, if the grill is made vertically like before, it is bound to look like an old car and not fit the modern proportions of today.

Which is why I gave this method some thought.

FullSizeRender 4

In short, the horizontal rectangle is the same as the current Phantom when looking at the grid shape part. However, the overall image of the vertical grill becomes clear by looking at the whole area including the chrome plating under the license plate.

With a magnificent method like this, I think the new Phantom has succeeded in balancing the dignified originality of early Rolls Royce since the ‘20s with the latest in modern taste.


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